1HOME – 3Nocturns


Field recordings from:

– Maçanet de Cabrenys (Spain)
– Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)
– Fes, Chefchouen, Ouezanne and Asilan (Morocco)
– Verona (Italy)

All recordings were taken during night hours.

The equipment used was a Digital hand recorder (with built in microphones), a cassette-hand recorder, a stereo handmade microphone and a minidisc recorder with lavalier mono microphone.

All mastering and mixing by 1HOME in Barcelona.
Concieved and produced in 2009 for –Wandering Ear- netlabel.

Cover photography by 1MUJER

Download Full Album:

we013 – 1HOME – 3Nocturns (54.5 MB)

Download Tracks:

Track 01 – NOCTURN I (3.46MB)
Remake of right chanel of Nocturne II.
Track 02 – NOCTURN II (47MB)
Right and left chanel may be listened rather separetly or together.
Track 03 – NOCTURN III (4.58MB)
Remake of left chanel of Nocturne II.

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