Anton Mobin – LONDON – a field memory

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we015 – Anton Mobin – LONDON – a field memory (47.1 MB)

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Track 01 – Warmly quiet (16.4MB)
“Quiet and warm” are the merits of the small English hotels.
It was the case for this situated hotel meadows of Victoria station where I thought recorded by the scenes of life, to meet people; it will be nothing. I not there found that the out-of-theway peace and recorded exclusively elements in vibration (ventilation, the humming of the underground resounding in the bathroom), objects being in the room, as well as my movements were minutely analysed in corridors and staircases of this hotel.
Finally I had to go out of the hotel to smoke…
Track 02 – Music & Tradition (9.01MB)
The music is everywhere in London.
In the underground, in the streets, in the pubs and in the parks.
The traditions also and they feed the delicate contrast of this modern city.
This part of the soundwork consists of a wide admixture of diverse London’ aspects.
Where people play tennis to Warwick square before going to work,
While the squirrels eat in your hand to Hyde park.
Track 03 – Ferry Tale (14.1MB)
The muddled voices play a sonic contradiction to compose a phase of fear from an element cheerful. In this case, a recording of a farcical game with participation of the public in Apple market; modified, accelerated, superimposed, returns this joyful moment of life in disturbing situation.
Once warnings and safety instructions were expressed, it is good to arrive on the deck of the Ferry, the enormous monster of metal challenging the ocean on some kilometers. Feel the power of the steel moving without restraint and listening to the wind rushing into the slightest hidden recess of the boat.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 03/02/2011.

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