Livi(d)o – The Marsican Bear


“The Marsican Bear” is the new release of Livi(d)o for Muertepop records, eight experimental songs, glitch noise electronic music dedicated to love and respect for animals and the environment.

01. Livi(d)o – Vegan Boy
02. Livi(d)o – Antispeciesist Song
03. Livi(d)o – Photovoltaic Love
04. Livi(d)o – Led Light
05. Livi(d)o – The Marsican Bear
06. Livi(d)o – Sustainable, Renewable
07. Livi(d)o – Natural Farming
08. Livi(d)o – North East, South East

Download entire release “Livi(d)o – The Marsican Bear” in zip format:
Download cover (front)
Download cover (back)
Download cover (front + back)
Download playlist (m3u file)
Download info and tracklist (txt file)

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 03/02/2011.

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