If Rats Could Jam

Musique Concrete, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #017
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
Download: archive.org
Cover: Earthquake Shakes Ice from New Zealand Glacier
Podcast Mirror Site: archive.org
Direct URL: if-rats-could-jam
Well that’s the fastest the podcast has gone up. Still working out the bugs in the scripts I use but it’s getting faster and faster. If I can get up to 88 miles per hour the podcast might possibly be here before the show even starts.

start artist title
00:00 Palancar January 6, 2008 (City Abandoned to Electric Birds)
29:05 Sadayatana Voiceover
30:22 VACVVM Pylons
36:04 abre ojos earth
49:56 Red Fog Carbon Cream
59:50 fosel leeran rainforest
63:51 Nightech Exertion
66:10 FugaSatanae Whisperer
74:49 Halgrath Deep Underwater Darkest Tale
81:04 Sadayatana Show Intro
83:59 FugaSatanae The Strange High House in the Mist
98:26 Joe Frawley The city (Map 1)
102:19 Jack Anderton Swept Into The Dying Light
107:51 Shin Ichiro A Wind Bell
108:41 Joe Frawley Vanishing Point
112:56 Jack Anderton Stood By The Awning, County Fayre In The Mist
118:13 Falling You The Canoe And The Waterfall
122:19 Joe Frawley The hypnotist
126:50 Joe Frawley The kiss
130:16 Jack Anderton Leyden Jar
133:42 Black Winds Memories Of A Dreamer’s Past (Featuring Pixyblink)
142:39 Sadayatana Voiceover
144:41 Joe Frawley Secretary in Slowmo
150:01 Sina Time And Tide
151:51 Exuviae & Kenji Siratori Strange God
158:02 Bulkrate Under the ice cold surface
163:54 Ryu digital domain xoomei sahka tuvanskya
173:49 Edge of October resurrecting old ghosts

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 03/24/2011.

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