Giscard le survivant – Témérité militaire des tueurs insanes

In an interview to the paper “L’Indépendant de Ploumilliau” (september 2003), marked Giscard le Survivant at the bend of a question about the presence of historical events in his musical tracks, that one thing he’d love deal in a near future, besides the babyfoots and pinball machines’ trafic in the Guingamp area between 1974 and 1975, with the case of the Crazy Brabant Killer, dark story wich was widely talked about in Belgium 25 years ago. 28 dead, a good fifty of injured people, no one guilty, no motive, no reason, strange and sudden appearance of an absurd barbarity in a rather but some criminal or political violence peaceful country. A succession of murders then carnages.
Slaughters to frighten, panic which is born from the deceases, in the heart of the daily, of the consumer society, blood everywhere on the car park, on the trolley and on the conveyor belt. A quietness, an extraordinary determination, under maskes, a savage, intrepid and almost military savoir-faire.
Policemen and gendarmes waited for the chance to trip them up and sacked like at the show, burglaries whithout valuable loot, logic packs up and goes at Golf GTI’s wheel, with like in the air as sure as difficult to define reeks of manipulation. Settling of scores, summary executions or social destabilization, the often surprising twists and turns of the inquiry result to nothing and all remains sooty like the Borinage’s air. Quarter of a century later, truth still doesn’t became clear about this bloody stampede and no one knows who, criminals or establishment, was behind that.
One track, fifteen remix, so many free interpretations, allowed by the artistic fuzziness of an on the point of coming in history and nevertheless well and truly still masked tragedy.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 04/02/2011.

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