M. Peck – Beneath Forever

Peck covers a large swath of ground in this release. Some pieces are bold and direct, standing up proudly and demanding the listener’s immediate attention. Others drift lazily along through strange new sound worlds, enticing the listener to melt into the music and setting the imagination free. Others vibrate and coalesce with delightfully interacting pulses of electronica and percussion, never quite falling into the world of Berlin school, always charting a fresh course. Still others simmer darkly, crackling with a barely restrained energy lurking just below the surface. Truly something for everyone here.

The artist describes the release as follows:

“Forever. Forever cannot be measured by time, it has no restrictions, yet we often speak of it so literally but with vague comprehension. On the other hand, if Forever were (or is) perhaps a place, then only can we ponder how long it would take to reach this place of imagination’s lore. On this path, one can expect to encounter many obstacles and unearth many tales. Perhaps even the inevitable persistence of self-reflection may reveal that Forever is in each of us. We are all on our own path. We each have our own destiny and fate. It is up to us, the individual to decipher the signs in order to reach Forever. Let this be your guide.”


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 04/13/2011.

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