Gollywop: “Eclypse”

Gollywop: “Eclypse”

Welcome back! After few months 51beats hosts again Gollywop, one of the label’s principal actor and friend. This is a special release for us, since it celebrates our brand new website just for the 2008 Christmas…a nice gift for us and for all of you! Gollywop is back with an intelligent ambient-idm release, where he’s trying to explore some chilling sounds using patterns of pads that are mixed with different kinds of effected drums…with a nice acoustic guitar surprise… [51bts#010] sounds fresh, relaxing, and powerful at the same time. Welcome to “Eclypse”…hope you enjoy it!

all the tracks are downloadable as 192 kbps .mp3 files

4′ 48″
7′ 27″
8′ 06″
5′ 18″
5′ 03″
6′ 39″
2′ 05″


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 04/17/2011.

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