Philémon, Alex Warren → Potlatch W

Done as a “potlatch” type exchange with a friend, Alexandre Warren, these four harsh tracks from Philémon (Napalm Jazz) make for a demanding listening. Heavy, cathartic white noise & assorted poisoned candy.

A founding member of the Napalm Jazz trio, Philémon is a prolific member of the free music scene in Montréal. First as a musician, but also as an event organiser, such as a concert for peace featuring 12 improvisers such as Jean Derome, John Heward and Alexandre St-Onge; but also the November 2001 “Rumble” with sixteen musicians organised in four quartets representings the most diversified aspects of new music. A dynamic saxophonist, he works regularly with guitarist Sam Shalabi, either as a duo in the extreme project ’Gypt Gore, and in a sextet with Balai Mécanique. Two bands which give the best role to his fierce playing. → Full bio

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 04/17/2011.

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