EDU COMELLES-Orange Country

Orange Country

Orange Country is the outcome of various recordings done between october of 2009 and august of 2010. This project is a combination of soundscape compositions and non edited field recordings captured in Valencia and Tarragona, Spain. All compositions are aural portraits of different places and locations. Also some of the non edited soundscapes are sound documentation of different events happening along this period of time. All tracks were done under a certain set of rules. Those are written on my Personal Contract for Site-Specific Soundscape Composition. This text tries to set some guidelines according to sound editing techniques and soundscape composition.
The procedural guidelines are based on texts by Barry Truax and Matthew Herbert’s PCCOM Manifesto. Finally Orange Country is a tour around Valencia and Tarragona a journey across found events and lived experiences framed between 2009 and 2010. Moreover this project aims to be a depiction of a reality, the specific reality of Valencia and how I have experienced myself all the found situations I had lived through. There is also an important aspect to remark, and this is my own situation in Valencia. Coming from Catalonia and sharing so much in terms of culture and language it has been an amazing experience to discover another part of a culture that after this year I also consider mine. Finally Orange Country is a homage to the people that hosted me in this land. -Edu Comelles


01. Port de Silla (03:06) 5,67Mb DOWNLOAD
02. Estación de la Melgosa (Cuenca) (02:44) 5,51Mb DOWNLOAD
03. Font de la Murta (Alzira) (02:08) 4,14Mb DOWNLOAD
04. Cabanyal (02:28) 4,61Mb DOWNLOAD
05. Mas Mercader (Tarragona) (02:05) 3,83Mb DOWNLOAD
06. El Mercantil Valenciano (02:33) 5,13Mb DOWNLOAD
07. Mascletá 17.03.2010 (06:08) 11,2Mb DOWNLOAD
08. Rus Dimissió! (02:46) 5,03Mb DOWNLOAD
09. Gola del Pujol (03:40) 6,22Mb DOWNLOAD
10. Día dels Trons (Alcoi) (03:02) 5,07Mb DOWNLOAD
11. El Bosque, La Canícula y Los Insectos (06:25) 13,1Mb DOWNLOAD
12. Plaza del Carmen (03:01) 4,52Mb DOWNLOAD
13. Paelleta, Paelleta (Alcoi Bonus Track) (02:03) 2,01Mb DOWNLOAD


00. Artwork + PDF Book (Low-Res) (ZIP) 6,75Mb DOWNLOAD
00. PDF Book (Hi-Res) (PDF) 89,3Mb DOWNLOAD
00. Complete package (Artwork + PDF (Low-Res) + Mp3 files)


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