Guitar – Tokyo (2006)

The first Guitar album called “Sunkissed” was released on Morr Music in 2002. Lückners initial idea to work with Guitar loops and – in this case – that specific “My Bloody Valentine” (MBV) sound setting was the absence of a sequel to MBV’s fantastic “Loveless”. Lückner, a very big MBV fan himself, tried to make one – or at least work out an interpretation of what he felt might take his understanding of Kevin Shields music further and combine it with the specific means of him being a musician in the fields of electronic music.

Since then, Guitar is about …guitars. The musical technique: Layering. Lückner is cutting out original guitar sounds, duplicates them, modifies them and gives them a new shape. The result is surprising yet obvious: Not only does Lückner move sound samples to his own music, doing so he is also able to catch the mood of the genre without having to duplicate all of it’s attitude. Picking out the raisins you may call it! Listening to the Wall of Sound in “Sunkissed” will sound familiar to you. The power and the energy is there, you can almost see all the little gigs you went to back in the 90’s, when your favorite indie-band toured the smallest venues all over the country. But this time it’s in an electronic environment where you never met it before. In “Honeysky” you can catch some very country-esk atmospheres: loneliness, a sense of open space and yearning, but hey, not a single cowboy in sight! The new CD “Tokyo” picks up traditional Japanese Music, the Sound of Pipa and Koto Guitars, the unfamiliar atmosphere a city like Tokyo might show to Europeans at a first glance. Lückner spent some time in Tokyo when he played the Sonar Sound Tokyo in late 2004 and he fell in love with this city instantly. “Tokyo” is built up around the magnifying voice of Ayako Akashiba – a voice you may know from a track on the Computerjockeys album “Plankton” and from “Sunkissed“. Lückner met Ayako through the helping hand of Regina Jansen (Donna Regina). Most of the music on “Tokyo” was produced during these weeks in Japan. Lückner and Akashiba continued to work on the music during the first half of 2005 – now with the feeling being a band rather then a one time music project relation. “Tokyo” is a perfect mixture of western pop music, eastern spirituality, impressions of the lively and pulsing Megacity Tokyo and the deep Love for Music, Atmosphere and Melodies Lückner and Akashiba do share.

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