Makunouchi Bento: Flika

It is just silence in our city – there is only static in the air. No car horns honks, no bees, no crazy dogs and old ladies. Not even that usual rolling tincan sound. Nothing. Just blue vertical lines of silence. And static. Oh… I said it again. I started my walkman in and I search in a bunch of tracks. Rewind – forward – pause. What is wrong with me?! I know blue silence when I see one. And this is one of those moments. I wonder if there is another soul who can listen the same silence I hear. I will go now to some big industrial hall to meet Makunouchi Bento boys. I just hope that the noise will be more human. That’s all.

Track 1 contains spoken words by Joanna Similä , Mattias Olsson , Mihaela Kavdanska , Robyn Sellman , Valentina Gualtieri. Artwork by Santiago Morilla.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 04/27/2011.

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