Iran- the Moon Boys CD [Tumult, 2002]



iran’s self-titled debut was a truly inspiring album. The music was buried under layers upon layers of noise, creating an album that was unyieldingly experimental, yet eventually allowed listeners to find some brilliant melodies underneath the mess. The album proved the band to be multi-faceted; they had their noisy, indie-rock sound in the beautifully abrasive “Pick Up/Stillborn”, but they didn’t shy away from more conventional folk tracks like “San Diego”. Iran was willfully dissonant and, admittedly, alienating at times, but the record’s innovation was breathtaking, and I was ready for The Moon Boys to take Iran from volume 11 all the way to 12.

But instead, Iran have given us a more tranquil, more plaintive album. The distorted guitars certainly aren’t missing and the album definitely isn’t very accessible, but unlike on Iran many of the songs avoid ever rising to any significant volume. “Black Eye II”, “Locked Up Tight”, and “Long Time Now” are some of the band’s quietest songs to date, and yet they are every bit as successful as the band’s noisemakers.

Reviewed by: Kareem Estefan

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 07/07/2011.

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