kolkhoze printanium vol 1. kolkhoznitsa (2008)

Kolkhöze Printanium – Vol. 1 Kolkhöznitsa (2008)

Paul Brousseau: keyboards, voice and drums
Maxime Delpierre: guitars and effects
Hugues Mayot: sax
Philippe Gleizes: drums
Jean-Philippe Morel: bass and effects

01 – Sans Le Savoir
02 – Our Faces At the Motown (Part A)
03 – Our Faces At the Motown (Part B)
04 – Stalker At79
05 – Fsy Tokyo
06 – Kolkhöze
07 – Ssen Soupape
08 – Chaotic Mantra
09 – Kolkhöze Talk
10 – Morgenrot (Part A)
11 – Morgenrot (Part B)
12 – Errance Digitale
13 – Petrovsky 1988
14 – Surround
15 – Mana

The band creates a musical world, something apart, very profound without falling into the trap of exaggeration. It is not about the effects, it’s about the music. It is also very French, continuing the roads taken by Camisetas and Limousine, but taking it a step further. There is a little bit more drama, more cinematic effect, more staging, but that’s part of the listening fun. Not everything works though, and in my mind the last track could have been left out, but that’s a minor comment. Despite the music’s dark edge, the ultimate hope for humanity message comes through loud and clear. Absolutely impressive. [Free Jazz]

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