Mickey Finn + Cuong Vu – Gagarin! (2009)

Coung Vu: trumpet, fx
Enrico Terragnoli: guitars, podophono
Giorhio Pacorig: rhodes, piano
Danilo Gallo: acoustic bass guitar, 12strings bass, doublebass
Zeno De Rossi: drums, percussion

featuring Carla Bozulich vocals on #7

01. The Lady Is a Trans (Danilo Gallo)
02. Again, Again (Cuong Vu)
03. Serpente (Enrico Terragnoli)
04. I Met Einstein In A Dream (Zeno De Rossi)
05. Land Mine (Giorgio Pacorig)
06. Gian Maria Volonte’ (Zeno De Rossi)
07. I Can’t Feel It Anymore (De Rossi / Bozulich)
08. Jean Gabin (Zeno De Rossi)
09. … And Again (Cuong Vu)
10. Amy (Danilo Gallo)

A truly remarkable quintet, Mickey Finn, embellished by Cuong Vu’s trumpet: electric sounds – echoes of Miles Davis in the Seventies and English rock, posterities from Chicago and some funk – spreading in dreamlike and restless landscapes, haunted by low-fi ghosts.
One of the songs also features of Carla Bozulich’s intense voice. The album pays tribute to Soviet aviator and cosmonaut Jurij Alekseevič Gagarin, the first man in space.
[el gallo rojo]




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