Black Frames – Solarallergy (2002)


“Solarallergy” is a jazz and groove studio album by Black Frames. Black Frames is a collaborative project by Mike Dillon, Earl Harvin, Skerik and Brad Houser from 2002. The album was accompanied by a national tour. Between the musicians are long-time associations: Dillon and Harvin from Ten Hands and Billy Goat; Skerik, Houser and Dillon from Critters Buggin. Though Dillon and Harvin are primarily percussionists, for “Solarallergy” all members are credited for percussion. Each musician is also credited for composition. [wiki]


Skerik – tenor saxophone, marimba, fancy sax
Mike Dillon – vibes, marimba, tabla, percussion
Earl Harvin – drums, vibes, marimba, guitar
Brad Houser – bass, sentir, timpani


01 – 25 Billion Stars Per Human (Dillon, Harvin)
02 – French Farse (Harvin)
03 – Hafta (Dillon)
04 – Sonic Vapor (Skerik, Houser)
05 – Mallet Cut (Dillon)
06 – Turbulance (Dillon)
07 – White Envelopes (Harvin)
08 – Gophers (Dillon, Harvin)
09 – Lucky Dog (Houser)

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