Miya Masaoka + George Lewis : “The usual turmoil and other duets” (Music & Arts, 1998)


The results, as expected, are superb, as Lewis and Masaoka negotiate twelve improvised pieces, swerving, interacting, bouncing, and complementing each other in spectacular ways. Lewis is up to his usual bag of tricks, totally dominating his horn with rapid displays of notes bursting forth like shooting stars, extremely precise phrasing, and extended range. Masaoka is a fine dueling partner, stroking her koto in different avenues, jabbing here and there with atonal forays. While the sound quality suffers a bit on the two lengthy live numbers, Lewis fans will nonetheless savor the extended ‘bone solos, not to mention the outstanding koto work of Masaoka.

Steve Loewy (Allmusic)


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 07/22/2011.

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