Piston Ltd. – Domestic Engine (2007)



1 – Strainer
2 – Resilent Washer
3 – Hollow Bolt
4 – Gudgeon Pin
5 – Exhaust Pipe Flange
6 – Crankshaft
7 – Elbow Nipple
8 – Lift Eye

Piston Ltd. is a Xploding Plastix’s side project.

The band is presented like this:
Jens Petter Nilsen – jump starts, cabling, grease and maintenance.
Hallvard W. Hagen – mechanics and hydropneumatic tank systems.
Erland Dahlen – pumps, power sprayers and centrifugal pump units.
Bjørn Charles Dreyer – plunger, power hosts and drainage point systems.

Piston Ltd. press release:

Steady and reliable – that’s the Marna-motor, which has put-putted its way into the soul of seafaring Norwegian folk since 1918 and is now Norway’s last gas-powered boat motor still in production.

This workhorse of Norway’s coast has been the inspiration for one of the year’s riskiest and most exciting musical experiments, sometimes in its original gas-reeking and hypnotic form, but most often in a substantially enhanced version, adding spice to compositions that are playful and uncompromising.

With the publication of “Domestic Engine,” Piston Ltd. has shown that the history of coastal industries belongs not only in dusty museums and old books, but can be successfully fused together with music and improvisation in the 21st century.

“Domestic Engine” takes you along on a fascinating, variety-filled journey into musical harbors where few if any have gone before, sometimes on an open sea with nature’s powers in full force, other times on a sea of glass where the powers of deep undercurrents can still be felt.



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