Broken Toy – Oniric Murder Rave



01.Frozen Bodies
02.Mal De Vivre
03.Empty Streets
04.Juxtapose Euphonious
05.Oniric Madness
06.Hammer Dusk
07.Hyperactive Sleep
08.Creepy Magick
09.Ready To Wake
10.Intricate Lunacy
11.Neglected Reverie
12.Obsolescent Gathering



02.Riding The Darker Wave
04.Gloomy Daydream
05.Deviant Heaven
06.True Story
07.Kate Bastard
08.Kings And Queens
09.New Oldschool
10.Murder Rave
11.Bleed For The Debil
12.Tired Excuses
14.Thee Headbanger

All tracks by Broken Toy

Broken Toy (France):
facebook: alex subeclectic

squarepusher, bloody fist, william burroughs

Thanx for support and respect:
iron (sociopath), gvk (martel en tête), radio fmr, christophe giffard
(radio campus fm), frida (synchrone égéries), aurélien b. (music action guitar shop),
mtkl malossi, dj r. (non stop), le troisième doigt (homicide rec.), hitori tori (fwonk). nico (hypnolove), xu hai me (random emotionally deformed), ruby my dear (peace off), substance b (peep), ras nando. the carpy. dirtyroom77, cousin vitamite (subeclectic).

No possible thanx and all my puke to:
trendy james copeland, the self-centered
eurotrance wanker who pretends to be the ‘real’ broken toy

bad brains, metallic falcons, prince, martin luther king, s express, tenor saw,
sizzla, madonna, current 93, chokebore, excel, legendary pink dots, lee perry,
mecano, corona, public enemy, dead can dance, alphaville, jean luc godard,
nik kershaw, diana ross, the odd numbers, yami bolo, ol’ dirty bastard, opus III,
bela bartok, youth gone mad, the residents, morbid angel, einstürzende neubauten,
leonard cohen, brutal truth, the dillinge escape plan, metallica, melvins, youth of
today, kode 9, scott walker, coil, ride, nico, kate bush, barbara, etc…

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 07/27/2011.

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