Nanahuatl- a emerging from fire


A emerging from fire

Winter Sessions 2010, January 12th, at Jazzorca Mexico.

German Bringas, saxophones, tank drums, trompet & PTR objects
Ivan Bringas, expanded guitar
Mari­a Lipkau*, cello
Julian Bonequi, drums, xylophone, objects, delay and voice

1. Chanec, Salvaje 2:28 min
2. A emerging from fire 3:37 min
3. Lo que me parte 4.11 min
4. Sacrificio 1:48 min
5. *Nanauatzin 3:47 min
6. *Mari­a 2:31 min
7. *Cacticac, Emptinesss 3:06 min
8. *Cum 0:02 min
9. *kamapopoa, Clean Moutn 1:11 min
10. *Tllamleui, Detach ( & recomposed) 2:56 min

Total length: 25:32 min

Edited by Julian Bonequi
Recorded mono by Jehova Villa


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