An Acts of Silence Podcast: 31 July 2011


Below is a list of musicians, albums and netlabels in order of their appearance.

Ergo Phizmiz – Music From The Shoes of Fulcanelli (Headphonica)
Tzara – Degrowth (Black Lantern Music)
Charmant Juliette – Matin un nouveau jour (45RPM Records)
Gurdonark – Butterflys of North Texas (Self-releaseed)
kikiilimikilii – Lumens (Heia Sun)
Lindenberg Munroe – Etudes For the Anima (BFW Recrodings)
Bubbles – Asleep (Self-Released)
Cagey House – June through the Window (WeirdAndWired)
My Brother Daniel – Ponky (Just Not Normal)
RW & P38 – Emperor of the South Pole (Dusted Wax Kingom)
Alea T. – hot01: 00-09 (Al revés)
Utrovortu – Byt’ kak myshi-polevki (Feeling like a campagnol) (Clinical Archives)
Dronjo kept by 4 – Delta (Mimi)
paniq – Beyond Good and Evil (Self-released)
Mystified – Adventures of Plunderman Remastered (Tree Trunk)

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 07/31/2011.

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