Master Toad – Lucid Dreamer (Nightmare Progression #5)


01 – Messenger of Lucid Sleep
02 – Eyelids Grow Heavy
03 – Cavernous Village
04 – Dreadful Mansion
05 – Witch’s Ball
06 – The Spectral Traveler
07 – Crossing Over
08 – Lost Hallway
09 – Corridor of Decay
10 – Death in Static
11 – Gaze Into Limbo
12 – Garden of Nightmares
13 – Rain Whispered an Echo
14 – Abysmal Drone
15 – Abysmal Noise

Master Toad

All of this music was written, performed, and recorded by Justin Thomas Squires aka Barbatos “Jugghead” in 2010-2011.

Released on Torn Flesh Records, The Last Day of July, 2011
On Twitter @tornfleshrecs

It is suggested that you listen to this album with a pair of headphones, from start to finish, in order to get the whole effect of the progression. It has also been noted that taking one Excedrin PM will increase the validity of these sounds. Although we would never suggest using drugs by any means…COUGH.
– Barbatos “Jugghead”

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