Rora Realis -the colorful daze ep


“The Colorful Daze is late night, inward-focused beat music, calling to mind the atmosphere and headspace of Instra:Mental, Four Tet, FORRS and Burial. Like the latter artists, it’s hard to put his sound down to a specific genre.

The 5 tracks very over tempos and styles, but have a consistently deep, introspective mood with the kind of headspace that’s gone beyond the clubland’s mainstream dancefloor, where energy is less frenetic but the mind is fully alert. The skittering, chopped up beats and wistful keys from “We are surely out” calls to mind the early works of Prefuse 73, Machine Drum and even the electronic neo-jazz of FORR’s “Soulhack” album on Sonar Kollektiv. “Sarnath’s Keep” conjures muted, ritual undertones while on “Note-0-Five”, it’s hard to avoid comparisons with Flying Lotus’ prowling bassline and mad lofi drumworks, although it manages to avoid the overenthusiastic sidechaining tendency that marks the productions of FlyLo and his followers. Similary, he avoids their hypercoloured, squealing synths and manages to stay on-point during the quasi-oriental melody cutups on “Soullo Mission.” A strong first release,esecially if you like quality late-night rhythms.”

review by Schindler’s Fist

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/03/2011.

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