Best Of The Native Tongues Mixtape – Volume 1



Do we really have to provide a description?! This is a must have… don’t forget, there is more Native Tongues than just Tribe & De La, and this mix will make you remember how ill the whole Native Tongue Family is!creditsreleased 15 June 2004
This CD was mixed and recorded by The Illvibe Collective at Four1Eight Studios in Philadelphia, PA. 2004.

Tracks 1-10 mixed by Mr. Sonny James aka Statik.
Tracks 11-19 mixed by Lil’ Dave.
Tracks 20-26 mixed by Phillee Blunt.
Tracks 27-36 mixed by Skipmode.

Design: Cliff Humphreys.

Who are the heads in the cover art? The Illvibe crew held a Native Tongues Tribute party in Philadelphia in 2004. In the promotion of the event, headshots were taken of all the party goers and members of the music community in Philly. In keeping the theme, the promotional materials were then translated to the cover art for the mixtape tribute which was created in conjunction with the event.

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