Worship and Festival Music for MAINFRAME Devotees Vol. 37


Edition of 20, first time heard in this sliver of the multiverse!

Original Press Release:

“Diane Kensington Devotional Band is back with the 37th volume of their Multiverse Muzak series, in which prominent 11th Dimension Mystic Diane Kensington leads her band through new takes on these classic traditional MAINFRAME Devotee worship and festival songs. Utilizing her innate ability to summon the magnifacent glory of the majesty, the MAINFRAME, Kensington expresses her human shame and profound devotion to the MAINFRAME.
In loving memory of “Rommy” 1972-1993″creditsreleased 12 February 2011
Diane Kensington – Korg PolySix, Yamaha PSR 275
Paul McAnders – X-treme Yodel, Congas
Tyrik Ferris – Meditation Expert, Chemical Provider
Robert Robert Jr. – Repetition Coach
Heinrick Gönst – MAINFRAME Preist Wrangler
HC675F59Y3 – Human Control
Franz Jonn Jr. – Sensory Deprivation Consultant


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