Po-len – “Kukka EP”


The first track “Tindaya” is a very moody driven track with warm noise textures and deep pads underlayed with a fine light groove. “120BALAS” is a minimal dry percussion sound driven track with some very warm wide open synth textures and wired sound samples – a perfect afternoon track. “Emu” the third track is build upon some real drum prercussions and elektro held snare variations with the typical synth pad sounds which makes Po-len´s music so unique. “DUNA” the last track is a downbeat tune which makes one hold in the line. To watch to think to realize. This could be the statement. Very deep sub bass sounds which are filtered to fine ambient. The complete album can be listened at www.po-len.com.


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/06/2011.

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