hopen-Nine in Böhmen


Hopen give us a release with a strange mood. Original soundtrack of a lost film between psychedelic state, post summer of love and smoke-filled electro drifts.
Nine In Bohmen uncovers its richness after each listening. Richness made of unusual reliefs and textures. And we have to say that we love to lost ourselves in this universe.

Artist notes:

” Nine in Böhmen is to end a circle of a very
difficult life period.

Two tracks to say fuck off and distilling the slow
feeling of a journey in lost, a sound poem to finish
with animals…

To say I love U to the girl I love, my lighty sleeping
wife, my awake Nine… Shortcuts evolving sand of
A run into the dust in a renting car…

To say hello to my friend Nathan, to give Henry Death
a chance and hello to Leo and OPE… and Marc Zen the


Written and Produced by Hopen – 2006
Drums by Henry Bruno*
Mastering by Twerk.

All Tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Artwork by Hopen.


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/07/2011.

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