V/A -Jackstrap

First tune from Paris suburbs-based Pappas, Sugar is a surprising track where a schyzo young boy would be singing on a kind of post-acid house minimal rhythm.
Then comes famous Hrdvsion a.k.a. Nathan Jonson, known for his works on Traum, Wagon Repair, Itiswhatitis and Plak Records. This multi-faced guy from Canada gave us here a true killer track, Beside. Just american minimal techno at its best!
The trip goes on with Examen by V.Rotz (from Madrid, released on Flumo, Subtropical, and Plex). Hypnotizing basic bassline, tight and arid beat, dark mood, you’ll like this one for sure.
Recent sensation from the highly recommandable Mobilee label, GummiHz (from England) has already released some stuff on After-Dinner and Leftnet before. Feedback is an astonishing track with a rare inspiration and production level. If you’re seriously into minimal, you have to keep an eye on this man. Already featured in plx002, Human Koala (France) is back with Big Heat. An epic advanced tune with rockin’beat and unexpected textures, with a strong sense of direction, as always with him.
The release ends with the talented Ambitronic (from Germany, released on Idealtechno.de) with a more meditative track. Christa shows us a more soulful shade of minimal, where deep elements talk directly to our feets and heart.


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/07/2011.

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