V/A – Static Movement


A fine selection of new french electronic music talents…

Cyclyk, who has already signed a few works for Sillons give life for Plex to two intimists vibrancies tracks playing with sonic accidents.
Trope starts slowly before bringing us in a vicious and ascetic groove.
And the disrupted machinery of Tired destabilizes us to better propel us in the heart of his singular universe.

Human Koala delivers here two high personality tracks.
Stunning Dont Run that he defines like a ghostly growth where he builds some longs synthetic drones.
Heady Ninyo Kopla is a big dive in an exotic and refreshing vibe with cheap tunes aesthetic.

Akan with Statizm plays with contemporary music influences for a very cinematic result filled with controled tension and a perfect mise-en-scene.
And on Acero we assist to a groovy progression in a strange and oppressive world.

At last Omas FGT invites us with Very Low Frequencies to an organic walk through earths magnetic fields using some recordings of Jean-Pierre Aubé grabbed on Arte Radio.


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/07/2011.

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