tommaso j. piemonte- the whole pj catalogue cut-up


sisterBlister ( is a transmission of the friulian minority’s radio channel Radio Onde Furlane (, whose signal is spread from tagliamento valleyuntil alpi giulie + carnia, Spoken parts are recorded in Friulano, a neolatin language diffused in these regions. tommaso j piemonte is the producer of sisterBlister. Dj for Radio Fragola (trieste –, radio technician and producer for Radio Flora(hannover – with traditional track-by-track linear development of radio programming, explores technics such mash up and cut’n’paste to compose noise oriented radio dramas.
samples from Longo Giuseppe O.’s La macchina biologica and Il fuoco completo and from Clerks2 (Kevin Smith). SisterBlister’s intro is sampled from Indigesti’s Mass media – sguardo realtà (1983). Radio Onde Furlane is a registered mark.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/09/2011.

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