Lucas Darklord-Anthology V: Point Voids


Recorded in 2008, Anthology V: Point Voids features a number of pieces that were never intended for anything in particular. They are collected here as temporal companions only.

“it slipped, and fell, so small.. so very small”

For the most part, there is nothing reworked here, almost all original gold, as crafted in 2008. KnewBeforeHeard features additional elements and was completed in 2011. Not unmastered as such, but with intentionally broad dynamics. Set your volume as high as you feel you can with the first track, And In All Things, and then take the journey. Do NOT adjust your volume after this point.

Best listening at volume, with minimal distraction, in darkness.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/10/2011.

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