Various Artists – Dust Particles Volume One


About the Artists

Dr RemiX is from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He creates a reggae-ish tune every once in a while and shares his music for free on the world wide web…Dr. RemiX creates his music at home with an old 2 octave Oxygen8 MIDI keyboard and any music creation software he can lay his hands on.

Mastermind XS are two friends, Daniel Stephan & Heiko Petry, from Saarbrücken, Germany. They have released one EP on the LCL label, called One Dub Many Roots, and have more tracks available ay Myspace and Soundcloud.

Baby Arm Sound System is the product of an independent musician, composer and producer based in northern Arizona. The music draws from a lifetime love of reggae music including Lee Perry and the Upsetters, Roots Radics, Sly and Robbie, Midnite, Augustus Pablo, Jackie Mittoo Dennis Bovell, Singers and Players and many others.

Phoniandflore (or PAF) is based in Périgueux, France, and started to play music at the age of 8. Apart from his own experiments in dub, he also works with the Outa Steppaz. You can find him at Myspace and Soundcloud as well as over 50 releases in Jamendo.

303db is from Croydon, England. He’s not just a skilled muiscian but also a great photographer. Checkout his work at his own website and at soundcloud.

Secret Archives of the Vatican are a collective, comprising of The Keeper Of The Archives, Uncle Riotous, The Talking Dog and Ginger Shinobe the Ginger Ninja, among others. The originate in Croydon, South London, but have members in both England and Wales.

You can find out more about them, and their other releases at Broken Drum Records. They also have a new sister label, called BDR Dancefloor, specialising in dance music.

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