Joanne Gabriel – Almighty


Joanne Gabriel is a guitarist and experimental music maker from Herbeuval, France. This is how Joanne describes her musical inspiration: “I have visions of remote soundscapes. Contemplation and dreams are my muses, nightmares and inner unrest feed my inspiration. I like when noise and ethereal meet and melt. I enjoy dirty mixes and weird effects. Mistakes are part of my work, unexpected outcome is my purpose. I love wandering in the world of sound, going astray for the sake of sheer emotion.”

‘Almighty’ is Joanne Gabriel’s debut album on netlabel Musictrade (mt025). It is a bold guitar based experimental electronic work on the grand theme of rebuilding and revitalizing Planet Earth from its uninhabitable desert like post-apocalyptic state – as executed from the position of an almighty outsider. The theme is based on a dream Joanne saw a long time ago, and the story of the dream is recaptured in the accompanying text included in the release.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/11/2011.

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