Ryan Gregory Tallman – Time Lapses Vol. 1


Time Lapses Vol. 1 is the transformation of overlapping sounds through cancellation and amplification of frequency ranges and how this process generates constantly moving patterns. Thus what first starts rather unsuspiciously as a static drone turns out to be a detail rich impression of elapsing time at the microscale. Whether there is a beginning or ending does not really seem to matter as the course of time the way we are familiar with is replaced with in between, out from the middle and an infinite array of variations and combinations.

The more we are drifting into an open sea of sound, the more one’s own imagination combines fragments of details to a logical unit. Or, in other words, the listener becomes an active participant in the music’s transformation to a lively impression of an aural cathedral. It therefore comes as no surprise that the single parts of Time Lapses Vol. 1 sound differently at different occasions in different environments.


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/14/2011.

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