Fabio Keiner – Slow Movements


At first, Austrian artist Fabio Keiner did not think of creating music himself before VST-synths and software based sound sampling technology became widely available. Encouraged by his music discoveries on the Internet he started experimenting himself, got hooked up and eventually developed an ideosyncratic adaption of generative music with at times gloomy sound characteristics. This originality makes it difficult to categorise Slow Motion (and other works of his):

On the surface, there are references to drone and dark ambient, but differs from these genres by its constant motion, which produce related themes without exact repetition. The treatment of room and dynamic, as well as the complex intervals are more closely related to electroacoustic. Darker textures are encountered with abstraction without defined endpoints. From a greater distance and as a whole, however, Slow Motion reveals a higher degree of organisation than originally anticipated.

Fabio Keiner’s work requires the listener’s attention, perhaps even several times of listening, before the ears have adapted to the subtile richness of details. But patience is eventually rewarded with a truly enjoyable listening experience.

Olliver Wichmann


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/15/2011.

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