Giorgos Stefanou – Internal Sonic Pathway


Internal Sonic Pathway is the programmatic title of Greek composer Giorgos Stefanou’s first release for Petcord which features the works HrznHue and Abstract Concrete.

At first patches of fog rise to the sky and give way to windchimes like tone collisions. Scenery change, a wide angle, bird’s eye-view: unintelligible announcements, humming transformators and a faint melody fighting against resonant overtones underneath. Brief memories of the beginning, this time extending the tonal range to the bottom end. Scenery change: Masked street musicians slapping their bulbous toys, maltreating metallic strings with a pair of pliers and laughing all the way to the Chinese oddities store. Celestial bells of destiny, klinking, slapping, tearing, moaning to a ceremony of sorrow. The final perspective above the clouds, distant echoes spiral upwards from the ground.

Abstract Concrete is comparing frequencies, disturbing measures in time and analysing the contradiction between the clearly defined, yet unfamiliar sound of isolated events. Together they are part of a new context. Slowly escalating to a steamy room full of mirrors, it is the inverse event that fills the room. The non-event complements the scenery with barely defined structures of an unconscious moment in life. Gathering and growing behind threatening bag-ground, it does not remain a grab back of everything. Meanwhile, a nearby deconstruction site attracts ritually repetive voices, glas is swept away, scraping sounds of metal chains and tubes trailing along the ground.

Giorgos Stefanou introduces a dialectic approach in Internal Sonic Pathway: Whilst HrznHue is representative for electro acoustic, Abstract Concrete follows the footsteps of Musique Concrete. Defining the music’s meaning is up to the listener her/himself, as it can be anything she/he can think of.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/15/2011.

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