marc broude-medicine


Medicine is Marc Broude’s second album in the ambient genre. With expansive and enigmatic atmosphere through layers of sonic exhortation, articulation is placed on Marc’s psychological or emotional state in the music-making process as opposed to the inspiration in which he seeks. The opening track, “Mineral Water” features overlapping layers of reversed sound and half octave vocal hissing. Most compositions are comparable to the works of Angelo Badalamenti and Steve Roach particularly “Happy Like Jazz” and “Fire on the Water” while “Face Covered in Shit” has more of an art rock sensitivity to it. “War of the Worlds” is a remix using an excerpt of the Orson Welles rendition of the novel of the same name, featured on Mercury Theatre on the Air. In “For the Flies” Marc augments his synths and manipulations with electric bass guitar and percussion. Through trying to defy genre, Medicine is an offbeat blend of avant-garde jazz and dark ambient offering a transformational listening experience for anyone listens.
Marc started recording while living in a squatter artist collective in 2005 playing in various bands with genres like black metal, grindcore, punk, and noise. In 2006 he released the 7″ single Psychological Warfare. That same year Marc, Danny Cortez and Chris Anderson formed Zog, a black metal outfit that disbanded 10 months later following the death of Danny Cortez. Marc took a break through 2007-2008 following a mental breakdown and continued his solo endeavor in 2009 releasing the the seventy-two minute dark ambient dirge Rites of Zen and then Medicine, a fusion of free improvisation andavant-garde jazz. In 2011 Marc remixed and re-released Psychological Warfare.

Marc Broude (born August 23, 1984) is an American cross-genre composer who started in the Chicago-based noise outfit Panicsville in 2005.

Marc’s style is eclectic using low frequency sound exploration, field recordings, water, voltage-controlled oscillators, vocal moaning, screaming and scordatura notation. Marc’s sound draws from diverse musical genres including drone, experimental, musique concrète, avant-garde and industrial. Working independently of major labels, Marc Broude primarily records for his own label, NoZen Records.

Side projects:
Marc has collaborated with a diverse array of artists and groups including Cock E.S.P., Richard Ramirez and Lasse Marhaug. In 2010 Broude and Tim Lash formed Sick Spider.


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