Nodepet – En Fin Terrible


En Fin Terrible – a pun on the French expression “enfant terrible” and the second offering by Nodepet – is a title which no doubt alludes to an aspect of the artists personality. One senses that this reference is not so much self ascribed, but one incurred not only by the often stifling purviews imposed by one’s immediate sociomusical associations, but also a personal need to defy imitation and wax lyrical the idiosyncrasies of self expression.

When looking at En Fin Terrible aesthetically we do not find much that is familiar (so much the better!). For the listener this is either a boon or blight. In execution there is surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequiturs. Nodepet’s sound unfurls in an apparently stochastic fashion suggesting an approach not unlike surrealist automatism. This is not to suggest the absence of structure. The form inherent in this work is one that becomes increasingly more apparent and comfortable when listened to time and again.

In keeping with the implicature of its title we do find a degree of brusqueness and acerbity; bit crushed tonalities jibing against one another; skittish and abrasive events venting pent up frustrations and anxieties. This forward austerity and restiveness is thoughtfully offset by moments/periods of peace and softness. A rough with the smooth rationale is fleshed out here by Nodepet, providing an intriguing and contrastive balance of things. For me En Fin Terrible is a definite creeper: Its character, micro details and structure emerge only with repeated listening.

To be sure we live in a (net based) mp3 era. Some are content to squander the earnest labours of sonists and musicians with their choice of earphone. I strongly recommend putting aside those feeble little affronts to sound quality and listen to En Fin Terrible through something better designed to highlight the audio spectrum. There is much depth of field and intricacy in this work and something with only top end response will only show half of the picture.

James McDougall

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/15/2011.

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