René Muñoz Córdova-Obras Musicales


René Muñoz Córdova is a Chilean composer currently living in
Spain, whose work combines electroacoustic abstraction with isolated elements from more conventional music genres and creates a new context for each. In Obras Musicales, his Petcord debut, deconstruction of organic sound sources contrasts with artificial vocoder and speech synthesis voices, post processed field recordings, feedback, stretched percussions and chopped samples of instruments. Emphasising the paradox as a normal state, René Muñoz Córdova
creates an aural universe of dissoance and harmony, inertia and dynamics.
Obras Musicales keeps the balance between intuition and reflection and
exhibits a sense for clarity, which makes it a most pleasant listening experience.

Olliver Wichmann

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/15/2011.

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