Stig Inge Oy – 39 68 99 09


Stig Inge Oy from Poland incorporates acoustic instruments field recordings and post processed audio signals not commonly associated with music as primary sources for his close-in-the-box electroacoustic music, as he would call it. In the case of 39 68 99 09, the first release for the Petcord netlabel, this equates to tension ridden cinematic soundscapes that confront listeners with gloomy feelings of despair. The title refers to years that Maciej Miskiewicz, the man behind Stig Inge Oy, consider corner stones of the Western civilisation, though it remains unclear which events the composer had in mind. The work is characterised by a chilly feeling of hopelessness that does not entirely go away even at the lighter and more accessible parts. Sombre piano lines are contrasted with glassy drones, ecclectic string parts, guitars drowning in reverberation and processing artifacts like distortion, skipping sources or plain white noise. Caught in between tension and desperation, the listener is confronted with intense feelings that seem to be at odds with today’s tendency of drowning dissent in a sea of political correctness.

Olliver Wichmann

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/15/2011.

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