Walter Ehresman – The A.D.G. Project


Walter Ehresman from Austin, TX created the music of The A.D.G. Project for use with an art installation called the Ambient Dream Garden (which also explains the meaning of A.D.G. in the title) at the Burning Man festival in northwestern Nevada. Three long instrumental pieces dominate the album and make prominent use of improvised motifs played on electric bouzouki, sitar and oud. Additionally, by means of heavy digital processing, the original sound signal is transposed to a dense soundscape that could somehow be classified as darker ambient, though the music does not exactly fit into a niche, other than being experimental in nature.

Each piece has a story of its own like the opener Good-Bye, Pluto which could be understood as a comment on Pluto having lost its planetary status, thereby putting an end to the old nine planets solar system. Trench Sitar utilises the sound effects of a theremin played simultaneously with the sitar serving as background drone in real-time. A digital effects box, turns the solo voice on My Oud is Unspooling into some kind of blurry ambience with the lead instrument’s tones shining through. On The A.D.G. Project, Walter Ehresman demonstrates, that experimental ambient isn’t about reassembling digitally generated sound sources to a new entity, but also about how to play instruments and create structures that overcome arbitrary limits.

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/15/2011.

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