His very original deep sound and somehow special treatment in a background makes his work unique with new approach to drum arrangements. “The Legist” extended-play is the complete story that stretches in three brilliantly produced deep emotional parts. This little masterpiece opens with “The Legist” deep primordial techno, slowly drawing you into the dark story salted with sharpening knives and horrified cries. Second track “Sad day” breaks a story to elementary part of jazzy drum jamming with cool bass and slow deep textured drone pads. For the end “Hard Night” takes you into the dark sweaty dance clubs where “Legist” tearing you in pieces, ripping you off and throwing you out of your conformity. This brilliant album with darkly odd places, expose young French producer as innovative and creative force on today’s electronic scene. Showing us that he is not afraid experiment, leaving for us plenty of deep emotions, original music style with somewhat new approach to an old theme.
Let me rephrase “Looking to its eyes it sees what we can’t”….

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/16/2011.

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