Mystified – Overtone Drones


“In August of 2011, Thomas of mystified purchased an overtone flute from artist Steve Brand. The flute, when played, hits a single note on various octaves. It produces a nice, breathy tone. Thomas immediately became interested in using sounds from the flute to create acoustic drones. Each of the 5 pieces in Overtone Drones was made using only sounds from the overtone flute. Tracks one through four each used a single note blown on the flute. Track five contains sounds from one through four run through further effects and processes. Thomas hopes you will enjoy these drones, although no synthesizers were used in their creation.”

— Thomas Park

Thomas Park (Mystified) – Overtone Flute, recording & production.

Track List:
01 Overtone Drone 1 [07:02]
02 Overtone Drone 2 [07:50]
03 Overtone Drone 3 [08:06]
04 Overtone Drone 4 [07:50]
05 Overtone Drone 5 [07:46]

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~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/16/2011.

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