Astral & Shit – Duo Aprilis (2011)


1. Astral & Shit – Untitled (08:16)
2. Astral & Shit – Untitled (08:16)
3. Astral & Shit – Untitled (06:31)
4. Astral & Shit – Untitled (05:21)
5. Astral & Shit – Untitled (07:54)
6. Astral & Shit – Untitled (11:20)

Third release of Pocket Fields is Astral & Shit album named Duo Aprilis. A lot of field records…reach structure..voices..hints of melodies…
Two Aprils as if the author lived two months for the duration of one. Album consists of a number of different degrees of preprocessed sounds from digitizing VHS, records with contact microphones, the sounds found on the Internet, work with MAX MSP.

Pocket Fields: pocketfields [at] gmail [dot] com …
Astral & Shit:

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/17/2011.

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