John Praw + I Am The Architect – Gate (2010)

John Praw and Münster, Germany natives I Am The Architect have teamed up to bring you “Gate,” a post-rock/ambient split. I Am The Architect bring their epic post-rock track “Walk in Regret” with its soaring melody and whirling sounds. Unlike some post-rock outfits, I Am The Architect take care not to present overly-long climaxes or stereotypical post-rock facets. The result is a distinct take on the post-rock genre – something that sounds specifically “I Am The Architect.” The compliment to “Walk in Regret” is John Praw’s ambient/minimalist track, “Sin Egen Veg.” John Praw’s addition incorporates laptop-folk elements, evoking feelings of bitter “Goodbye”s. The final track is John Praw’s remix of the I Am The Architect track, which will certainly be surprising for those who know John Praw only for his ambient work.

Editorâs Note:
Make sure to keep an eye on I Am The Architect, who are currently working on their upcoming album. This is their first release on mam!records, and the second release in a series of John Praw splits.

Track List:
01. I Am The Architect – Walk in Regret
02. John Praw – Sin Egen Veg
03. I Am The Architect – Walk in Regret (John Praw Remix)

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