Kirill Platonkin – Orogenesis


Orogenesis as an album title may invite to speculations about its metaphorical meaning. The formation of mountains, as a barrier separating two formerly connected regions and all of the life within, but Kirill Platonkin’s hommage to mother nature may have to be seen differently. Crepuscular rays of the ascending sun floating the misty plain that onfolds before the listener’s eye, a truly apt description of the album’s opener with its majestic drones floating like wind torn cirrus clouds across the hazy skies. Soon, the scenery will change to a darker tone, as the signature of the fault line begins to reveal itself. Magmatism resembles the sizzling bubbles of deep cracks, toxic smoke obscuring the struggling sun as a witness of a collapsing scenery. The slowly ascending and fading figure of Orogenesis the title track presents the forming barrier. Ethereal drones thinning out like originating from the Himalayas, a temple with priests and the meditation on eternity.

Olliver Wichmann

~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/21/2011.

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