Emilio Jose Salinero – maquinas-insectos-espacios

To listen this work, Emilio José Salinero has some directions to us:
“You have to listen carefully my sound compositions in to ways: with your ear, like always; and with your tact sense. You have to put your hands in your ears and feel the sound vibrations in your belly, in your back and also all around your body…”

Emilio is a deaf man, so this compositions were created from the power of the physical quality of the sound.

“My process of work is extensive: from the variation to the monotony. From the clean sound to pure-impure moise. From the atmospheric vibrations to the instrumental vibration. Fusion of the visual quality of sound (waves) with the sound-vibration. From the synthetic sounds to the concret and natural sound. Compositions of the figurative imagination with the absolut sound abstraction of the composition… It is complexity, because Art demands it. Because deafness expresses trought sound. The idea, the concept, the imagination, the hability, the intuition and the instint and after all the invention: all of this is pure Art.”
Emilio José Salinero



~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/22/2011.

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