Duran Vazquez – Activo Reactivo/Pulsus Repulsus


oficial webpage release:

Pulsus, Repulsus (Durán Vázquez)
The work Pulsus, Repulsus was developed from improvisations with two synthesizers and various CD players. At first I conceived each sound or ´´patch“ programmed in the synthesizers (or recorded on the CD´s) as a microcomposition destined to be combined with the others, in a process of free mixture that is the central nucleus of my live actions. The periodic repetition of these improvisations during various months gave as a result a form stereotyped to interpret my compositions, originating a macrocomposition that in December of 2.005 I recorded and subsequently called Pulsus, Repulsus.
Synthetic sounds that imitate to the sounds of the nature; resounding masses of frequencies that imitate to the machines; loops of notes that generate a static and minimalist music; all organized in a narrative structure that functions like a words despoiled creationist poem.

Recorded on December 15th, 2005. Mixed and mastered on March 2006 in Vigo


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