i.l.i. – luxero

be honest, you know them as well: those books called “synthesizer von gestern” (yesterday’s synthesizer) by matthias becker which are famous within this circle of hardware fans. and even more famous are the accompanying cds in heavenly blue, heavenly green and heavenly orange, filled with sound samples from the infamous bigmoog to the crispy wasp (with spider)… enough stuff for 1001 nights of synthesizer dreams. these 3 cds were on top of my personal playlist and played on and on. and it lead to some consequences: shortly after I was broke – but happy.

when I heard i.l.i’s songs fo the first time, it came instantly back, this fully analogue feeling of both platonic love and bodily desire… and no matter if they are called oskar, odysse or simply “sovjet polisynth”, everything on this excellent mini-cd has this scent out of the mysterious fangorn from the analogue era. through the addition of some wonderfully strange sounding russian (?) vocal snippets and the stepping rhythms and counter-rhythms it does not sound retro or even old-school – it sounds like the last upcoming uproar in the kingdom of the growling giants.

elektr@’s (unconventional) hint: just listen through this cd in opposite order starting with the last tracks, then you’ll know what I mean…

(sabine dirksen/elektr@)


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/23/2011.

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