Johnny Jitters – Neurosurgeons Lounge



01 – The River Flows
02 – PreOp (Movie Trailer)
03 – Tunneling from the Arctic to Jamaica
04 – Hill Top Jam
05 – Visible from Space
06 – Duck Walk
07 – Peeled Back (Squawk Box)
08 – Sad Recoil
09 – New Beginnings

All tracks on Johnny Jitters – Neurosurgeons Lounge were produced, recorded, and performed by John David McCann

All tracks were recorded in Pittsburgh , PA 2008-2009

Except “Sad Recoil” and “PreOp (Movie Trailer) recorded in 2007 in Semmes, AL.
“New Beginnings” recorded in 2004 partially in HIC studios and also Semmes, AL.
“Hill Top Jam” features additional drum and live percussion samples by Tony Gonzalez and with voice by Brad Seippel.

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