jvox – computer is ready


“ghost in the machine”: jvox delivers a broad selection of finest electronicals

tonAtom grows more and more international and is proud to welcome jvox as the first american artist on the release list.

“computer is ready” rushes like a good-oiled pinball through groovy electronic beats, rangy clicks, loads of athmospheric sounds and creative fireworks – all of the ingredients that tonAtom is about. often eclectic with its elements but exhaustive when it comes to details, jvox is able to keep his very own style which he has been showing in net culture for a couple of years now: an ingenious idea here and a gorgeous sound there and some surprising samples wait just behind the corner to be discovered. all this is supported by that kind of beats where you don’t know if you should nod your head to or close your eyes. and to be honest: I would never have come up with the idea to create an opener like “big shot” for such an ep!

a great welcome to tonAtom – mister jvox…

(carsten büttemeier)


~ by 3brainkarnakinterloper on 08/23/2011.

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